Terms and Conditions

The Sciacca Group, Inc.

Last Updated | December 29th, 2022


In the event that a workshop is canceled as a result of Covid-19 government restrictions, or if a participant is prohibited from traveling to attend a workshop due to applicable Covid-19 travel restrictions, Sicily Artist Retreats will refund any payments made (minus a 3% transaction fee). In addition, Sicily Artist Retreats will refund any payments (minus a 3% transaction fee) for a workshop when a participant is ill from contracting the COVID-19 virus prior to the scheduled workshop.


Upon Registration, Sicily Artist Retreats requires a non-refundable deposit of 50 percent of the total fees for the workshop to confirm your registration(s) and attendance. In the absence of such a payment, a participant’s registration is not guaranteed and another candidate may be substituted. The full balance for the Sicily Artist Retreats workshop is due no later than thirty (30) calendar days before the beginning of the workshop. If such payment is not made by thirty (30) days before the workshop begins, Sicily Artist Retreats reserves the right to forfeit the participant’s registration and fill the space with another candidate. In these circumstances, the original participant will not be entitled to a refund of the 50 percent initial confirmation deposit.

Receipt of the non-refundable deposit constitutes acceptance of the applicable terms and conditions governing the Sicily Artist Retreats program, and constitutes a binding contract between you, as the participant, and Sicily Artist Retreats.


Sicily Artist Retreats reserves the right to cancel any workshop due to an insufficient number of registered and confirmed participants. Such a determination shall be made within the sole discretion of Sicily Artist Retreats. Further, Sicily Artist Retreats reserves the right to substitute, as needed, another qualified instructor and/or amend the specific workshop program.

In the event that Sicily Artist Retreats cancels a workshop, a participant’s payments (including the registration deposit) will be refunded (minus a 3% transaction fee). Any refund provided by Sicily Artist Retreats shall not cover a participant’s travel-related costs or any other expenses incurred as a result of the participant’s registration and plans to attend the workshop.


All prices include all fees associated with instruction (instructor fees, model fees, studio fees), including admission fees to all sites visited as part of the workshop, and hotel accommodations for nine (9) nights.

The workshop includes a hosted Welcome Dinner on arrival day, in-studio lunches each day of the workshop, and a hosted Farewell Lunch.

Each participant is required to bring (or arrange delivery of) materials required for the workshops as detailed in the program description.


The owners and employees of Sicily Artist Retreats shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered (nor any consequential or comparable damages) by or to the workshop participants. Sicily Artist Retreats assumes no liability for any loss, damage, expense, injury, or inconvenience by reason of any defects in the structure of the property, plumbing, electrical systems, gas, water or failures in the supply of utilities for either the studio, hotel, transportation or any other facilities used or made available during the workshop.

If any participant causes, directly or indirectly, any loss, damage, expense, injury, or inconvenience to any person, facility, object, material or any other item associated with or used in connection with any workshop, the participant will be liable to Sicily Artist Retreats, the owner/operator of any accommodation the studio/facility, or any transportation vehicle for such damages, including consequential or comparable damages, for the cost of repair, replacement, or reasonable expenses incurred for treatment for any personal injury or other appropriate compensation for damages as determined under California law.


Refunds do not apply when your workshop is canceled because of risk of war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions and similar events beyond the control of Sicily Artist Retreats.


We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage you may suffer during the period of your workshop due to accident, illness, bodily injury or loss of equipment, or belongings or from any other cause.


We recommend that you procure travel insurance. It is solely the responsibility of the workshop participants to obtain travel and health insurance while enrolled in Sicily Artist Retreats.


It is the sole responsibility of participants to obtain the travel documents (passports, visas, etc.) necessary to attend Sicily Artist Retreats. Under no circumstances shall failure of a participant to obtain the required travel documentation be deemed to constitute a legitimate reason for cancellation of the participant’s attendance or entitle the participant to a refund under the terms described herein.